We will be so much more than a racing team, as we shall have several divisions in the company which will design, build and sell sports car, racing karts, boats, personal watercraft and a special products division which will release unique new products 3 or 4 per year. Our headquarters will be in Lake Mary, FL, just North of Orlando, FL

Our 6 Divisions

Florida F1 Racing

We will challenge the world and compete globally in the Formula One World Championship, with the best F1 team ever!

Florida F1 Karts

Scaled down composite chassis, paddle shifter, 6-speed, 2-stroke racing karts which are built like our full size F1 cars.

Florida Design

We will design, build and sell awesomeness from our wild imaginations, 3 or 4 times per year.

Florida Automobiles

Look for our flagship exotic supercar and a wide variety of sportscars to race out our factory doors.

Florida Motorboats

These will be boats from our wild fantasies. You won’t even think they are boats!

Florida PWC

Personal watercraft that will make everyone salivate, lick your lips, waiting to ride one. They won’t be like any PWC you have seen before.

Florida F1 Karts has been up and running since August 2016. Buy our FL F1 Karts, FL F1 Paddle Shifters, FL F1 Steering Wheels and FL F1 Racing Pedals NOW !!!

NEWS: What we have been working on…

We are looking to revolutionize the Go-Kart Industry.

Looking to build your own Go-Kart the way you want it? Then Check out our store.

Our Core Values

  • Creativity + Satisfaction = Creatisfaction. We will be very creative in our design and engineering. We will be immensely satisfied with our results. Our employees will be empowered to be creative. Our customers will love our creativity and gain satisfaction from using our products.

  • We empower our talented and skillful employees to speak their minds, be as creative as possible, make decisions, thrive, learn, grow in the company, to have fun at work and to be somebody.

  • Technology and styling shall be applied innovatively and safely so our customers will gain the best use of it in the best products.

  • Every customer is equally important, whether the want the smallest part up to our larfest product, standard fare or fully customized design, we will be there for them.

  • We want to offer insane value with our high quality products.

Our potential sponsors and partners